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The Call

The CALL Vocational and Life Purpose Guide
The CALL is our most comprehensive affirmation tool. Our 325 questions have been scientifically validated to measure 27 dimensions of the “whole-person” with outstanding reliability. Mathematically, no two people have ever scored the same as there are over a trillion possible scores. 20 of our 27 scales come from the Profile XT, a proven and highly validated assessment tool used by tens of thousands of businesses around the world. We have added the “Big Seven” gifts listed in Romans12 which we believe capture our motivational bents and life purpose in serving others. The CALL assessment takes about an hour to complete.  For ages 16 and up.

The Original CALL Report
This 20 page report was first launched in 2005 for Focus on the Family. It took The Career Coach from Profiles International, an excellent career assessment and added the seven gifts in Romans 12. This report provides narrative & graphic insights to your motivational gifts and interests; bullet point understanding of your abilities and personality traits; job-fit compatibility percentages to key jobs by industry groups tracked by the Department of Labor and useful suggestions and resources. While thousands of people have found good value with this report when read in its entirety, we suggest  working with one of our affirmation advisors for a debrief to get the best value. Note: the job match percentages in this report, other than ministry matches, do not include the gifts from Romans 12.

Suggested Value $249.00 - More… | Sample Report 

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The Call 

The CALL  Report with video analysis of your 27 scores
This option includes the basic CALL report plus your normative “sten” scores of all 27 scales measured of the whole person. In addition, you will have access to our video library to gain better clarity on what each scale means. . 

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The CALL Report and a coaching session with a
qualified advisor

At Follow Your Calling, we work with and qualify various coaches. We give you the option to work with a coach of your choice or if you prefer, we can pick a coach for you. Our coaches customize your debrief to your interests. This works well for those seeking positive affirmations about who they really are; their life purpose; ideal job fit; best college majors or relationship strengths and weaknesses.

Price: $350.00  


The CALL Report and a coaching session with 
Randy Austad

Meet with the creator of the Call. Randy brings a great deal of insight into your call report results. These debriefs usually use GoToMeeting which can be recorded for future playback. Also available is a recorded video for your review with a follow up phone conference.

Price: $500.00  


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Job fit matters. You are who you are. Our tools are not tests so you cannot flunk who you are. We affirm your positive qualities which is the most important key to your career success and satisfaction.

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True happiness is discovering and using your gifts!

"Using your gifts gives you energy and happiness. Not using your gifts makes you go crazy."
Dr. Richard Bolles
Best-selling author of
What Color is Your Parachute?
Do you know what your gifts are? Most people do not know their gifts, and those who think they know are often wrong. Find out for sure by taking The CALL with a personal debrief with one of our qualified advisors.

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